Leaky Classic XV
Now on DVD!
Recap last year's events
(1 DVD $10)
Sports Center: Leaky Classic XIV
Now on DVD!
Recap last year's events and go Outside The Lines as we tackle the
question: Is Steroids Ruining Wiffleball?
(1 DVD $10)
Sports Century Flashback
Reminisce the glory days on this 6 DVD compilation
spanning the 13 years of the Leaky Classic
(1 DVD)        $10
Extended Special Edition
Includes Sports Century Flashback +
5 DVD's of Raw Game & Party Footage
(6 DVD set)            $30
Leaky Classic
CD's (Vol. 1-25)
A leftist, pinko, sicko mix
sure to please.  
Here for CD track lists
Any Volume        $7
Leaky Classic
Logo Ball
The Coolest
Each       $4
Leaky Classic
52 Card Set
(10 Left)     $5
Leaky Classic
Hat (Tan)
Small Bowl Cotton
(6 Left)    $10
Leaky Classic
Ping Shirt
Fine Blend
(3 Left - XL)    $30
Leaky Classic
Polo Shirt
Cotton Twill
(3 Left - XL)    $20
Leaky Classic T-Shirts (Out of Print)
Replace that tattered Leaky Classic T-Shirt with a brand new one.
Get them while they last. (See Art Gallery for back side Graphics)
Leaky Classic XIII
"Star Wars"
23 Left
(S,M,L,XL)    $7
Leaky Classic VIII
Leaky Pissing
Sold Out
(XL)        $25
Leaky Classic
10 Left
(XL)        $7
Leaky Classic XV
"Pump You Up"
13 Left
(XL)    $10
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The Leaky Classic
Leaky Classic IX
"Beavis & Butthead"
Last One
(XL)        $20
Leaky Classic 11
"The Simpsons"
Sold Out
(XL)        $20
Leaky Classic XII
"South Park"
Sold Out
(XL)        $7
Leaky Classic XIV
"The Reunion"
4 Left
(XL)    $10
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