10 Pitch Homerun Derby (9:00AM)

Wiffle Ball 2 and Out Championship: (10:00 AM)
•        5 Man Teams, Catcher Required
•        4 Inning games (Time Permitting)
•        3 Outs
•        5 Balls & 3 Strikes
•        Hit Player With Ball For Out
•        No Jumping Fence To Steal Homeruns
•        45 Minute Time Limit
•        10 Run Rule after 2 Complete Innings
•        No Bunts
•        Pitcher's Mound is Out
•        Play Ball Out Of Trees
•        Replay if Ball is Stuck In Tree
•        No Heat (Pitching)
•        Fixed Strike Zone
•        Ball Must Cross Plate In Front of Batter To Be a Strike
•        Ball Over Head Of Batter Is A Ball
•        All Disputes Are Resolved By Chris Will, Steve Loring Gene Salyer, in that order, whoever is not
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